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Bad Guitar Habits to Avoid While Learning to Play Guitar Music & Chords

bad guitar playing habits

Bad Guitar Habits to Avoid While Learning to Play Guitar Music & Chords

Bad guitar habits can creep into your playing as a beginner, while learning to play guitar music or chords. Here are things to watch out for and avoid!

There are many enthusiasts who very diligently try to learn to play the guitar but despite practicing continuously, they still don’t get it right. They soon get dejected and give up playing all together. What you have to remember however is that, it’s not you, it is your approach that is the problem here.

Bad Guitar Habits Can be Undone

Learning to play the guitar the right way is very important because what you learn in the initial stages tend to stay with you forever. So it is always advised to correct yourselves early on rather than learn it wrong.

That however doesn’t mean that you cannot undo the bad habits that you have learnt. You don’t need to get flustered by it. Everybody makes mistakes. You can undo what is wrong no matter how long you have been playing which may take a little more time and patience provided you are guided well. Just take it as a learning experience and make sure that you follow the advice of your teacher who will guide you through it.

bad guitar playing habits

What are Bad Guitar Habits

Here are some of the bad guitar habits. If you seem to be doing any of the below, you need to change it immediately.

  • Slouching while sitting and playing your guitar not only effects your posture and back but also looks bad. So, sit or stand straight while playing the guitar.

  • Long finger nails are an absolute no no except if you are learning to play on a classical guitar. Otherwise, you should cut your nails short and not allow them to grow beyond your fingertips. Long nails make it impossible to play the chords and the string bends.

  • Many of you don’t wear a guitar strap. You should always wear one and tighten it around your shoulder so that the guitar is held in the right position and doesn’t keep moving while you are playing.

  • Not tuning your guitar is not acceptable. You should always tune your guitar. Without tuning, the guitar just sounds terrible. So learn to tune your guitar and change your strings. This routine maintenance is key to your success.

  • Incorrect finger positions are a bad way of playing the guitar. Your thumb position, index finger etc., are all very important when you play the guitar.

  • You should know when to move forward and not be stuck at playing the same song for a long time in a bid to perfect it. Once you have practiced a song for a while, move on to the next. But at the same time, you should also spend enough time with a song and not rush into the next immediately.

  • Holding the pick the right way is very important which many of you don’t do. You should hold your pick with your thumb and the index finger, any other way of holding it is not the right way.

  • Not listening to music or listening to only one type of music is bad for any musician. You should try to listen to varied music styles.

  • Irregular practice of guitar is also one of the bad guitar habits some people inculcate. You should practice playing the guitar regularly.

  • Ways to Correct Bad Guitar Habits

    Like we said before, bad guitar habits are not something that cannot be undone. If you have the dedication and the patience you can easily relearn the right guitar habits.

    bad guitar learning habits

  • Many people on realizing that they have been practicing the wrong guitar habits, get frustrated and stop practicing all together. If you want to improve and correct your guitar habits, you should never stop playing, instead, practice more often till you get it right.

  • Secondly, take guidance from a good guitar teacher who will help you practice the right way.

  • It is not easy to unlearn the bad habit which you have been practicing for so long. So, spend enough time practicing to learn the right techniques and guitar habits.

  • Make sure you inculcate the correct guitar habits in your songs while playing it on the guitar.

  • Summary

    There are many of you who play the guitar for years together without realizing that you have been practicing bad guitar habits. And once the realization strikes, people tend to get disheartened and stop playing all together. However, you should know that this is not something which cannot be unlearnt. Slouching while playing, not tuning the guitar, not practicing enough etc., are some of the bad guitar habits but with regular practice and determination you can easily correct these bad guitar habits and inculcate the right techniques will playing the guitar.

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