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Guitar Headphones

Guitar Headphones

Guitar Headphones – Finding the best Amp Headphones for Your Guitar

Want to make your guitar sound like a much more expensive instrument?

Want to practice at odd hours without anybody yelling at you?

Use a pair of Guitar / Amp Headphones!

The best thing about using quality headphones is that it will make your guitar sound much better, especially if you have an entry level guitar.

A good pair of headphones can come in handy, be it for practicing at home or for your studio. All these headphones can be easily plugged into your guitar amp, so you can listen to yourself playing the guitar.

Most stereo headphones will be good enough for listening to your guitar, especially for silent practice. However if you are willing to stretch your budget, then you may also go in for pro studio headphones.

Benefits of Guitar Headphones

There are several benefits of using Headphones for your Guitar.

You can practice at odd hours without having to worry about disturbing others.

A good pair of headphones can make your guitar sound much better.

If you do a lot of work in the studio creating your own tracks, then you need headphones that will give you excellent clarity. You do get good headphones that keep unwanted sound out, very useful in studio where you are looking for a flat sound that you can trust.

Guitar Amp Headphones

Options Available

One of the easiest options is to get a pair of headphones that can be plugged in directly in to the guitar.

The Vox Guitar Headphones have this ability and can be connected directly into your guitar output jack. This is the most convenient way to practice without disturbing anybody around.

And the best part is that it can also be used as a general purpose headphone which can also be used for other things such as:

  • Use them for practicing
  • listening to songs on your MP3 player
  • Connect to any other audio source

  • Another better option, again from Vox, is this tiny headphone amp that plugs directly in to your guitar, you then need to plug in your headphones in this amp. So, even though it is not a direct connection, the guitar headphone amp is a tiny instrument which occupies minimal space. So even this option works out well!

    Practice makes perfect, and just because people are objecting to your playing because it is late in the day doesn’t mean you stop practicing. Here’s an easy way to get rid of this problem.

    Using a guitar headphone, you don’t have to worry about disturbing others, especially if you want to play at odd hours.

    And because this headphone amp comes with an AUX input jack, you can also play-along to your favorite song on your mp3 player if you wish to.

    How is the Sound Quality

    The sound quality is quite good, and these do manage to perfectly reproduce the distortion that is distinctive of vacuum tube amplifiers; and in terms of volume as well, they can produce a powerful high gain.

    In addition to practicing at home, you can even use it to warm up before a live performance or use it when travelling.

    To Conclude

    For general use you can use a nice pair of padded head phones, which cover your entire ear. They are very comfortable to wear over your ears and sound good. For studio use, go in for Guitar Headphones that give a flat response with amazing clarity.

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