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Guitar Modes: All About Modal Scales Aeolian

Guitar Modes Scales Aeolian

Guitar Modes: Learn all about Modal Scales (Aeolian) and how to use them in contemporary music to create great solos.

If you have played the guitar for some time and know about scales, then you may have come across these terms, but then the fact is that many get scared of it, and never actually learn it.

But if you have patience, and are willing to look at it closely, you will find that it is not that difficult after all.

Different Modes

In contemporary music, you will find a lot of usage of the two “modes” of the major scale: namely the Aeolian and the Dorian.

And why should you learn to incorporate these in your playing?

So that you can come up with interesting solos and really start having playing the guitar.

Pentatonic Scale

Ask any guitarist, and he/she would say that the pentatonic scale is the basis for all soloing (at least those who play contemporary styles, classical and jazz guitarists may have a different opinion however).

And all those intermediate level players who want to introduce some variations in their playing should look at ways to go beyond the Pentatonic.

Here, we will see how to effectively use the Aeolian and the Dorian (in another post), together with the pentatonic your guitar playing.

With this technique, you should be easily able to incorporate progressive fusion based music in your playing.


So lets start with the key of A. Here’s the A Minor pentatonic scale:







To keep it simple and to just make the concept clear, I’m just going to cover the G,B, and high E strings. The rest of the strings just work of the octaves of these notes.







Now we can start adding modes, the first mode we’re going to work with is the Aeolian.

And all you’ve to do is to add 3 additional notes to the pentatonic scale above.






The notes in the brackets mark the added notes.

So if you add all the notes together you will get this scale:







Was that difficult?

I don’t think so, we just added a few notes. And if you have been playing the guitar for some time, this should be easy.


To Conclude

David Gilmour is the expert at using this scale, and as you can see it fits perfectly over any minor based rock. And it is not that difficult to play.

You just need to solo the normally way and add these new notes as passing tones, and now you have Guitar Modes / Scales (Aeolian) added to your skills repository.

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