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Martin Acoustic Guitars

Martin Acoustic Guitars
Martin Acoustic guitars are among the more expensive guitars, and are highly respected by many professional guitarists. Of late, this company have also started making less expensive models, aimed at beginners & intermediate guitar players. Top-class professional artists use this brand.

Martin guitars in 1800 did a lot of innovations including the X bracing system, the system produces a classic tone on the guitar martin today. Even now, they use top quality woods that are expertly inspected.

In the nineteen thirties, the company incorporated the dreadnought design for creating the most famous and revolutionary Dreadnought guitar, which other manufacturers later on started emulating as well.

The Dreadnought series is their most popular guitars. You will find lot of guitarists swearing by the Martin guitars. Be it Eric Clapton, Nancy Wilson, Bob Shane, Johnny cash, Sting, Buddy Guy, Paul Simon, etc and they are all big fans of martin guitars.

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